15 Yoga Poses That’ll Change Your Body and Chang your life


What’s up everyone and welcome to Yoga with Fitnessmantra. Today we have yoga for flexibility practice. A lot of times people think they have to go to class for long periods of time in a really sweaty environment and slam their bodies into poses to gain flexibility and that is one way of doing it and it does work but another way is by slowly edging away at creating space mind fully so this is a practice you can bookmark and you can do with other practices most of it’s floor work to help you slowly but surely create space and become more flexible. Hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, let’s begin seated today. Come on down to the ground,sit up nice and tall. We’re gonna start with a little movement for the head and the neck.

So take a second to get settled in but when you’re ready, you’re going to begin by drawing small circles with nose. So go ahead and establish one way and as you start to draw your circles, begin to become a little more aware of your breath. And then reverse your circle. Take it the other way. I’m joined today by my wonderful assistant, Benji. Alright, take one more cycle of breath here. Just creating a little space in the neck and the shoulders. And then when you feel satisfied, bring it back to center and we’re just gonna come into alignment here for a moment. Find stillness, head over heart,heart over pelvis. Maybe lean back a bit or sit up tall.

Just be aware of this line of the spine that carries you. And then take a moment here, I invite you to close your eyes and just notice how you feel today. What your energy’s like. Because at the very least you’regonna get a great stretch today. Something you can repeat regularly to increase flexibility. But going a bit further, you have an opportunity to also practice flexibility in mind. Balancing the energy so you can go with the flow, be flexible. Alright? Hmmm? Open. With the eyes closed, take one more moment here in your meditation posture to just be still and to notice, observe. Nice, now we’ll bat the eyelashes open and we’re gonna start by taking the left hand and we’re just gonna take it all the way over towards right side of the body and use the right hand to guide it a little further into the stretch.

Most of us have come across this stretch in gym class. The yogic version keeps an awareness up through the spine, heart lifted.Take a deep breath in. If you want to go a little more,turn your gaze toward the left side of your yoga mat,toward your shoulder. One more breath here, inhale. Exhale to release and switch. Lifting up through the sternum, the heart. Continuing to add that layerof breath and then if you like, you can look past your right shoulder. Beautiful, come back to center. Right hand’s gonna come to left elbow. Then you’re gonna guide it up and over. Little Vogue moment here. You can take the left hand to the back body. Sit up nice and tall,big stretch, big breath. And then release. Left hand to the right elbow, bring it up and over, Vogue. And then big breath,big stretch. Big opening through that rotator cuff, lifting the chest, awesome and then release. Beautiful, hands are gonna come to the knees here. We’re just gonna inhale, smooth the heart forward and then exhale round it through. You’re gonna get a booty massage here. We’re gonna start to wake upthrough the hip sockets but also a little spinal flex. Think Cat-Cow here so inhale,come forward, and exhale, round and back. Also, really great for digestion. We’re gonna reverse the circle. Inhale, come forward. And exhale, around and back. Inhale, come forward and exhale, round and back. Awesome, sit up nice and tall. Now you’re gonna turn on yourmat if you’re not already there so that you can send your legs out long.

Great, then bend the knees just a bit inhale to reach for the sky and exhale to send it forward, Paschimottan asana with bent knees. Round through the spine,close your eyes. Stay open here, present with these nsation and then in time you can work to straighten the legs. Nice, long, smooth,deep breaths. Alright, so good for the legs,the lower back. Take a deep breath in. As you breathe in, feel the skin of your back stretch. Let it be that connected. Yes and then breathe out. Let’s do one more for the kidneys. Big, conscious inhale. Feel it. And release,awesome work. Slowly begin to roll it back upand we’re gonna come all the way to our backs. Yay! So we’re gonna use the support of the earth here.

So come onto your back and righta way you’re gonna hug the knees up into the chest and give yourself a great big hug and feel your lower back nice and flush with the mat. Feel the glutes stretch. You might rock a little side to side. Tuck the chin, continue to breathe nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. Great, then you’re gonna hung the right knee in and slowly send the left leg out. So one knee in, one knee out. One leg up. Then release the left heel tothe earth if you haven’t already and you’re gonna press into your left thigh bone. In fact, go ahead and bring your left hand to the top of your left hip crease. And then we’re gonna squeeze the right knee all the way up and in. Now, take a nice, steady, breaths here. Cycles of breath in and out, in and out. Might close your eyes. Beautiful, then slide your hands now to interlace the fingers behind your right thigh. Then you’re gonna inhale,extend the right leg up high. Exhale, bend the right knee. Just bring it to a nice right angle. Keep it going, inhale to extend. Flex your toes towards your face and then exhale, bend at the knee. Inhale to extend and exhale, bend. Now it’s okay if you’re notable to extend all the way. Just come to your edge, moving with your breath. Great, and on this last round we’re gonna point the left toes and then we’re gonna point the right toes.

We’re just gonna do one more with the toes pointed. Awesome work, now from here we’re gonna bend the left knee, we’re gonna cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh. Then you’re gonna interlace the fingertips behind the left hamstring this time and we come to thread the needle here. If you want to find some soft, easy movement here that feels awesome, you can. And if you want to extend the left leg up high here, you can. Breathe deep, squeeze your legs in towards your heart, your chest. Just really take this time for you. Enjoy. Feel supported by the earth. We’ll slowly release the left foot to the ground. You’re gonna unravel and then you’re gonna send the right leg out all the way and then squeeze the left knee up towards your chest. Now, take your right hand bring it to the top of your right hip crease. You’ll find your foundation here. Nice and firm in the rightthigh bone down to the earth, flex your right toes. Great, then squeeze left knee up towards the chest. Pause here, just playing with your breath. Nice, easy inhales in, longexhales as you breathe out.

Try not to isolate just the area that you feel is being stretched. See if you can close your eyes and see the body as one moving part. Great, now interlace the fingertips behind the left thigh.We got it. Inhale, left leg extends. Exhale, bending the knee. Nice right angle or what feels like a right angle. Inhale, lift it up. Find your extension. And exhale to bend. Moving with your breath, inhale. Lift and lengthen and exhale to bend. If you feel, if you’re quite flexible and you feel like this isn’t enough, close your eyes and really pay attention to the subtle body actions here as you move with your breath. Great, do one more, inhale to find your extension. And then exhale, release we’re gonna bend the right knee. Cross the left ankle over the top of the right thigh and then thread the needle,interlace, squeeze and lift up towards the chest, the heart. Of course you can extend that leg here if you like bringing more spaciousness into the hamstring or stick with hip stretch by squeezing, squeezing in towards the chest. Breathe deep. Beautiful, take one more inhale and then we’ll slowly unravel. Alright, left leg goes out,right leg hugs in. You’re gonna take your hand bring it to the outer edge of your right foot. Left hand comes to the front of the hip crease. Again, we do a half Stirrup Posture here or a half Happy Baby. Now, you’re gonna pull the right knee down, stay firm in that left thigh bone. Breathe deep here.

Tuck the chin just slightly,then return to that conscious cycle of breath here. Nice, easy breath. Right hamstring’s getting some sunshine. Mmmm. Opening up through that hip, staying connected through that core. Finding that core stability always. Sweet, then slowly you’re gonna release that. You’re gonna guide your right knee all the way in and then over towards the left side for a Supine Twist. Take a deep breath in here. And a long breath out. Then bring it back up through center. Send the right leg out. We’ll balance it out on the other side. Here we go, hug the left knee in. Then you’re gonna take your left hand bring it to the outer edge of your left foot. Right hand comes to the top of the thigh bone and here we go, check out. Stirrup Posture on this side. So many of us, you know the right and left side of the body are not the same. We don’t use them the same way, the same duration so just notice how they’re different and tend to it. Stay present with your breath. Great posture to go ahead and continue with our theme of just releasing, letting go this month. Clearing the path. Alright, slowly release,moving mindfully, hug you left knee into the chest and then continue to guide it all the way over into your Supine Twist. Close your eyes. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale, lots of love out. Awesome, slowly come back to center. You’re gonna let both legs lay out long now. Inhale, reach the fingertips all the way up. Nice full body stretch here. Then you’re gonna point the toes and you’re gonna bring the hands into a fist. And we’re gonna squeeze,squeeze, squeeze everything. Engage your thighs,engage your core, take a deep breath in. And then release the hands and arms. Bring them down, release the toes and ankles. Let everything soften and be jelly-like. Close your eyes here and just take a moment in Shavasana, the Corpse Pose to relax everything.

To open your heart, open your mind and reset. Let your breath just be soft and easy. And we just take a quiet moment here to surrender. It’s one way we can increase our flexibility, move with more ease by taking a moment to surrender to the big picture. Remembering and understanding that surrender is important. That we cannot control everything. We do not control everything. Stay here if you like or if you’re ready, we’ll bring the palms together. Bring the thumbs up to the third eye, wiggle the toes, lift the corners of your mouth slightly. Start to wag your tail a little bit on the ground. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale nice cleansing breath out through the mouth. Beautiful. The light in me recognizes the light in you. Thank you so much for sharing your time and your practice with me and with everyone around the world practicing here together. I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)