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Here’s how much it would cost you to “fix”
your gums at the dentist and what you
would have to go through…

Gum grafts … about $600 per gum, no guarantee it will work. If your gums are seriously damaged, this could cost you up to thousands of dollars.

Fillings and root canals to “save” the teeth that were already damaged, with prices that range from $500 to $2000- that’s a lot of money for a lot of pain if you ask me!

Then there’s surgery to “strengthen the gums” or, in medical terms, “pocket elimination surgery” , costs approximately $6,000…

Or – my favourite one- remove the worst teeth and replace them with implants.

Thinking an implant costs $4,500 – best case scenario- and that, according to the doctor- I needed at least 4, I might as well have sold one of my kidneys!

Oh, but the list doesn’t stop here… no matter the dental procedure you choose as your torture…

Know that after you’ll have to pay for…maintenance, which can cost over $100 per session.

To put it bluntly: expensive, lengthy, painful treatments that promised no real solution…and I assure you, no doctor could ever guarantee you that any of those treatments would work.

It’s all a game of chance: only it’s your money, your time and your health on the table.
For example…


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